Being Adventurous with Land Rover finance

Land Rover has always been known as a great British Icon within the 4 wheel drive industry. It has, in recent years, moved from being the old slow moving farmers truck to the more glamorous status symbol of family wealth and even completing the image of a sporty car. When looking for a 4×4 to pull my family dual axle tourer caravan I naturally took a look at the Land Rover and was amazed at how much it has changed.

landrover finance

With Land Rover finance I was able to purchase a brand new Land Rover Discovery Sport which is absolutely amazing and I would recommend it to anyone. For comfort and style it is second to none. The 2 litre diesel engine is ample to pull our tourer with no difficulty at all even on the steepest hills and plenty of grip on the corners. What is more the massive interior meant it was fantastic for our family of 5 with plenty of foot room and head room and a huge spacious boot that was difficult for even me to fill. As a bonus there were extra seats which made up a third row so it was great for taking the kids to football practice and all their other clubs.

Landrover finance offered a brilliant deal.

The land Rover finance deal I got to help me with the purchase of my Land Rover was really suitable to our budget too with options to pay over three to six years and a reasonable APR of just 8%. Of course I did need to put down an initial deposit of £5000 which was not hard to find with part exchange for my old car.

I really feel Jaguar have come up trumps with the Discovery Sport as it is far in front of their previous models in my opinion. It offers far more in all areas from interior design, spaciousness, power and even style. If I was to give it a score it would definitely be a 10 out of 10 from me.

Lotus finance helped me fund my new car

I’m getting to an age where I want to get my dream car and what I have always loved is the Lotus as I’ve followed them for years. I’ve watched all the launches and each year attended the motor-show to see what is new. I particularly liked the latest version of the Lotus Elise so I price it up and found that it came in at around £35,000 which was a little bit of a stretch for me but I thought it would be ok with a lotus finance deal.

I am really pleased with my purchase the Elise is really light on the road but that doesn’t mean I feel like I’m leaving the road when taking bends as there is plenty of grip and traction. I’ve found that although there is only a 1.6 litre engine it doesn’t lack any power and Toyota has got it right as the smaller engine is ample for the weight of the car. An added bonus of the smaller engine is that it is really cost effective so I don’t mind getting it out of the garage every day as it is not going to cost me a tank of fuel just to go to the shops.

My Lotus Finance contract

The Lotus Finance package that I chose was an hire purchase deal that allowed me to make regular payments over 48 months and then at the end make a larger payment to pay the car off. As I knew that by the end of the 48 months I had my retirement package coming out I chose this option. However I wouldn’t advise anyone to do this if they didn’t have the security of knowing that there would be money available to pay off the final amount. I think it would have spoiled the pleasure of driving around in such a stunning car if I was worrying about paying it off at the end of the 48 months.


If you are looking to get a sports car that is really classy I would really recommend the Lotus Elise 2015 model. Personally I wouldn’t drive any other sports car.

Aston Martin Finance comes up trumps.

Aston Martin has been around for around a 100 years now and it is so well known. It’s macho sports car image has of course been enhanced by its inclusion in the James Bond movies and this has inevitably pushed it further up the rankings to top class status. Having this background who would argue that it is every British man’s dream car. Although it has had several changes and additions to it’s models over the years it is essential based around just 4 main models which tend to be tweaked a little to be special editions which go on sale for just a short period. This being the case it is the collectors paradise to survey the different models and special editions down through the decades.

Aston Martins are not cheap though and if you are looking to join the many Aston Martin enthusiasts and collectors and get one of these niche cars then you will probably be looking for some Aston Martin Finance and the company has indeed come up trumps with it’s latests deals.

Aston Martin finance for just 5.9% APR

Yes, you may want to read that headline again Aston Martin Finance currently have a deal available with just 5.9% APR. A friend of mine was looking into getting the Vanquish which is one of the top Aston Martins and when he looked into the finance deals he was really impressed by what was on offer for this superb set of wheels. Aston Martin were offering a scheme with affordable monthly repayments which matched the customers budget and these deals were standard through many of their dealerships.

aston martin finance

The on the road cash price for the car was £197,000 and this included the 3 year warranty, road tax and the usualy registration fees, and delivery. The way they deal worked was he would pay a deposit of £2,500 and then a monthly payment of £2000 for 36 months and at the end of the contract he could either give the car back or make a final payment of approximately £100,000. The only draw back was that there was a limit of 18,000 miles for the term of the contract and if he was in excess of this then he would have to pay around 50 per mile on top. But the end cost for the car would be approximately £217,00 which means £20,000 interest on a £200,000 car which in my thinking is something worth looking into.