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Aston Martin Finance comes up trumps.

Aston Martin has been around for around a 100 years now and it is so well known. It’s macho sports car image has of course been enhanced by its inclusion in the James Bond movies and this has inevitably pushed it further up the rankings to top class status. Having this background who would argue that it is every British man’s dream car. Although it has had several changes and additions to it’s models over the years it is essential based around just 4 main models which tend to be tweaked a little to be special editions which go on sale for just a short period. This being the case it is the collectors paradise to survey the different models and special editions down through the decades.

Aston Martins are not cheap though and if you are looking to join the many Aston Martin enthusiasts and collectors and get one of these niche cars then you will probably be looking for some Aston Martin Finance and the company has indeed come up trumps with it’s latests deals.

Aston Martin finance for just 5.9% APR

Yes, you may want to read that healdline again Aston Martin Finance currently have a deal available with just 5.9% APR. A friend of mine was looking into getting the Vanquish which is one of the top Aston Martins and when he looked into the finance deals he was really impressed by what was on offer for this superb set of wheels. Aston Martin were offering a scheme with affordable monthly repayments which matched the customers budget and these deals were standard through many of their dealerships.

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The on the road cash price for the car was £197,000 and this included the 3 year warranty, road tax and the usualy registration fees, and delivery. The way they deal worked was he would pay a deposit of £2,500 and then a monthly payment of £2000 for 36 months and at the end of the contract he could either give the car back or make a final payment of approximately £100,000. The only draw back was that there was a limit of 18,000 miles for the term of the contract and if he was in excess of this then he would have to pay around 50 per mile on top. But the end cost for the car would be approximately £217,00 which means £20,000 interest on a £200,000 car which in my thinking is something worth looking into.