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Being Adventurous with Land Rover finance

Land Rover has always been known as a great British Icon within the 4 wheel drive industry. It has, in recent years, moved from being the old slow moving farmers truck to the more glamorous status symbol of family wealth and even completing the image of a sporty car. When looking for a 4×4 to pull my family dual axle tourer caravan I naturally took a look at the Land Rover and was amazed at how much it has changed.

landrover finance

With Land Rover finance I was able to purchase a brand new Discovery Sport which is abosolutley amazing and I would recommend it to anyone. For comfort and style it is second to none. The 2 litre diesel engine is ample to pull our tourer with no difficulty at all even on the steepest hills and plenty of grip on the corners. What is more the massive interior meant it was fantastic for our family of 5 with plenty of foot room and head room and a huge spacious boot that was difficult for even me to fill. As a bonus there were extra seets which made up a third row so it was great for taking the kids to football practice and all their other clubs.

Land Rover finance offered a brilliant deal.

The Land Rover finance deal I got to help me with the purchase of my Land-Rover was really suitable to our budget too with options to pay over three to six years and a reasonable APR of just 8%. Of course I did need to put down an initial deposit of £5000 which was not hard to find with part exchange for my old car.

I really feel Jaguar have come up trumps with the Discovery Sport as it is far in front of their previous models in my opinion. It offers far more in all areas from interior design, spaciousness, power and even style. If I was to give it a score it would definately be a 10 out of 10 from me.